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The team at Pioneer Facility Services

~ Our people ~

We have a firm belief in training, developing and rewarding our staff. Where staff show management potential, they receive training and support to enable them to move upwards in the company to greater levels of responsibility. This philosophy engenders great staff loyalty resulting in our staff turnover being less than half that of other businesses in this industry.

~ We work as a team ~

Pioneer Facility Services has hundreds of people across Australia. Our trades staff and cleaning teams operate on a “no emergencies” basis, with people trained and available 24/7 for every site. We aim to never disrupt our clients and our staff make this seamless service their priority. Our philosophy is to develop people and their potential from within – to take care of our staff and to help them through personal and professional challenges. The ‘ground floor’ experience of all our key managers gives us a great instinct for choosing suitable employees. We give new staff the opportunity to join and understand our culture through induction, training, supervision, performance reviews and social events.