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History and the Future of Pioneer Facility Services


of Pioneer Facility Services

From a single Swan Hill supermarket in 1986, Pioneer Facility Services now cleans more than 600 commercial sites across Australia, turning over $55 million annually. The business started in 1986, cleaning the Safeway Swan Hill Supermarket, with a turnover of $100,000. Now, we have clients in every state of Australia, as well as New Zealand, and employing excess of one thousand people.

Our vision

for the future

Pioneer Facility Services is invested heavily for the future. Our record proves that we are capable of expanding our business in a short time without neglecting any requirements of our existing clients. This is important to us. We won’t take on new contracts at the expense of existing clients. We make sure our resources are in place to give maximum focus on and service to each and every client.

The philosophy at Pioneer Facility Services

Our philosophy

is simple

At Pioneer Facility Services we do whatever it takes to achieve our own quality standards and exceed the expectations of our clients. We do this through:

  • Strong commitment to our work
  • Direct and regular client communication
  • Consistent, high quality work
  • Building long term relationships
  • Developing new technology to help us work smarter with better results
  • Measurement and feedback of results to clients and workers
Pioneer Facility Services' Equipment

Our equipment

is innovative

By designing our own machines we find better ways to achieve higher standard results and cleaner sites in less time, more cost effectively, less physical impact on our staff and with less disruption to clients (when operating 24 hours).

Pioneer Facility Services’ 18 year relationship with Polivac International, a designer and manufacturer of specialist retail cleaning equipment, has seen us involved in the development and testing of innovative new machines. This collaborative approach ensures we remain at the forefront of cleaning technology, providing a fast and effective result for our clients.

Our standards

are high

One of our clients has implemented a quality standard system that ranks cleaning and contract performance on a defined scale. This is assessed at each store fortnightly. To pass this scale a supplier must achieve 60%.

We have defined our own pass rate for this contract as 80% - Our average rating is more than 80%.